are part of everyday business, and everyone needs access to them.  Small and large businesses require their computers to be up 24/7.  Full time, highly trained computer professionals are often very difficult to find and more expensive than ever before; all in the face of reduced budgets, staff shortages and high turnover.  
  Some of the Services we provide:
  -  Network Support Virtual Staff Technician?
A Virtual Staff Technician is a certified consultant who will become very knowledgeable about your organization and will be available for computer / network support.  Give us a call or send us an email and we'll schedule a convenient time for you to meet with a technician.

A Virtual Staff Technician can be your technical advisor for meetings, manage projects or add on to your internal IS staff.  If you need more than one person, just call us and we'll add the right people to work with you.
  -  Certified Professionals
  -  Phone Support
  -  No extra fees for Crisis Support
  -  No minimums
  -  Internet Setup and Support
  -  Web Design
  -  Graphic Design
  -  eBay Training
  -  Online Auction Management
  -  Virtual Staff Technician

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